Why Do You Need a Surge Protector in Your RV?

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Traveling in your RV without having a surge protector poses a serious safety hazard. Surge protectors are a level of insurance if your RV catches fire. The following is why you need a surge protector in your RV.

Power Surges, High Voltage, Low Voltage and Faulty Wiring

Power surges, high voltage, low voltage and faulty wiring are all capable of causing serious damage to the electrical systems in your RV. A power surge happens when something causes too much power to be directed to your RV. This can fry the wiring in your RV and the electronics that are connected to it. A power surge may fry the surge protector, but it is much cheaper to replace than all of the wiring system and electronics in your RV. High voltage is often confused with power surges, but there is an important difference. High voltage is unlikely to completely fry the electrical systems and electronics in your RV, but it can cause damage over time. This is an important difference to be aware of, because some surge protectors only protect against one of these issues. Low voltage is the direct opposite of a power surge, but it can still cause significant damage. The wiring system and electronics in your RV can break if they are operating without receiving sufficient levels of power. Faulty wiring occurs when a technician sets up wiring improperly or it becomes damaged. This can cause serious damage.

How a Surge Protector Works

The appliances and electrical systems in your RV require a consistent level of voltage in order to operate. This can be compromised by plugging into a RV park pedestal that is defective, getting hit by lightning or fallen power lines. When the voltage level becomes too high or drops too low the electronics in your RV can become damaged. A surge protector is designed to protect your electronics from these voltage spikes or drops.

The surge protectors need to be plugged into the outlet where you plan to plug in your RV. The RV cable should then be plugged into the surge protector. This acts as a buffer between the power from the outlet and your RV. The amount of power that is coming from the outlet is monitored by the intermediary device. It will ensure that power spikes or other common issues will not produce any harmful and dangerous effects.

Different surge protectors are designed in different ways. This means that some surge protectors will be higher in quality than others. There are multiple price points for purchasing a surge protector, and the more expensive surge protectors are generally more reliable.

Why You Need a Surge Protector

When connecting your RV to an electrical outlet, it is generally expected to provide the correct amount of power. It is also expected that all of the wiring is done correctly and in good condition. There are a variety of issues that can cause electrical outlets to cause a surge in power. If the electrical outlet is wired improperly it can cause serious damage to your RV. It can be susceptible to power surges or providing voltage levels that are too low. All of these problems can cause significant damage to the electrical systems in your RV and completely fry the electronics. Surge protectors are designed to protect your RV and electronics from problems that are caused by electrical outlets. An outlet that initially operates correctly and provides the correct levels of power could suddenly cause a massive surge of electricity. It is a much better idea to protect yourself and your RV from these dangers by using a surge protector than to fry the electronics in your RV.

Types of Surge Protectors

There are two types of protection against electrical surges for your RV. RV surge protectors are a cheaper way of protecting your RV from shore power problems at the outlet. It will shut down the power when it detects voltage levels that are too high or too low. An RV energy management system is a more expensive option, but it provides significantly higher levels of protection. It will perform the same tasks as a surge protector, but you will also be able to manage how your electronics use power. This is a great way to prevent your electrical system from becoming overloaded and causing a power surge.


It is much easier and less expensive to purchase a surge protector than having to replace the electrical systems and electronics in your RV. A surge protector will also provide you with more safety, because it can prevent your RV from catching on fire. Electronics and appliances are one of the greatest amenities for traveling long distances, and electrical issues can quickly turn a trip into a disaster.

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