The Best RV Antifreeze

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RV antifreeze works to protect your RV’s plumbing system from freezing. It’s particularly important in those harsh winter months. But keeping a supply of RV antifreeze in your vehicle year-round will prevent any possible plumbing damage.

There is a wide range of different RV types available. Finding the one that suits your vehicle the best ensures your plumping will always work to a high standard. 

To learn more about the best RV antifreeze available for you, keep reading below. 

1. Splash -50 900956D RV and Marine Antifreeze

This antifreeze comes in a massive 55-gallon container. A standard size RV normally only requires about three gallons of antifreeze to keep it working efficiently. With Splash’s large container, you will get between 18 to 27 uses of antifreeze for your RV. 

One great feature of this antifreeze product is that it is useable on piping systems found in other vehicles. This includes boats and pools. It will keep your plumbing system working perfectly even below -50°F. 

However, this antifreeze comes in a large container. You should bear in mind that it may be difficult to store if you don’t have the right space for it. While it is an effective and efficient antifreeze, ensure you have a place to keep it before purchasing. 

2. Peak RV Antifreeze

This antifreeze has the guarantee of FDA approval, so it is especially great for more environmentally conscious RV owners. It can be used wherever you need it most without damaging the surrounding wildlife or nature. 

One thing you should be mindful of with this product is that the container itself is not especially strong. You may experience punctures or dents, so it’s important to store it and transport it carefully. 

This antifreeze works up to -50°F. It is a bright pink color to allow you to check for leaks and spot them before they become a problem. 

This is another antifreeze that can be used on various piping systems, including boats. Always consult the instruction pack before using it on other systems to ensure it is right for them.

3. Camco 30611 RV Antifreeze Concentrate

The Camco 30611 RV Antifreeze is a very versatile product. Along with your RV, it can be used on boats, pools, and vacation homes. 

This antifreeze also features burst protection. Your pipes and plumbing system will be kept safe and secure even in the harshest weather conditions. It works in temperatures up to -50°F, so you can get great use out of your RV all winter if you choose. 

This Camco antifreeze is also biodegradable. It won’t damage nature or surrounding wildlife as it is non-toxic. 

The one flaw with this Camco antifreeze is the container. It is not especially strong or sturdy. While it will hold your antifreeze effectively, it is important to transport it and store it with care. 

4. Chemworld RV and Marine Antifreeze

The Chemworld RV and Marine Antifreeze is one of the best RV antifreeze products available. It is suitable for use on a wide variety of metals, including copper and iron. This makes it a very versatile product. 

This antifreeze offers protection against temperatures as low as -40°F. Your pipes will stay safe in some of the coldest climates around, so you get full use of your RV whenever you want it. 

The only thing to be aware of with this antifreeze is that when you begin to run out of it, the remaining solution can be a little tough to mix. This means you don’t quite get full use of all the product. However, don’t let that deter you from buying this excellent antifreeze. 

5. Star Brite Non-Toxic Antifreeze

This Star Brite antifreeze is perfect for winterizing an RV. It offers strong corrosion protection, keeping your pipes safe from any kind of rust problems. 

This antifreeze also protects your pipes against temperatures as low as -50°F. It also won’t damage any materials within your RV’s piping systems made from rubber. 

As a non-toxic product, you can use it on any stretch of your journey without worrying about damaging organic materials. It’s available to buy in 6-gallon containers, which means you’ll always have enough antifreeze on hand to protect your vehicle. 

The Star Brite antifreeze also offers enhanced versatility. It is perfect for other plumbing systems, including those found in boats and pools. 

6. Camco 30027 Boiler Antifreeze

This is another great Camco product on the list. It will keep your RV systems safe from the toughest temperatures it could face. Along with keeping your pipes from freezing, it works effectively as a heat transfer fluid during those harsher summer months. 

Another important element of the Camco 30027 Boiler Antifreeze is that it doesn’t require dilution or mixing before use. It is ready to go as soon as you buy it, making it perfect for those RV owners in a rush to get their trip started. 

This product also saves your pipes from rust thanks to its corrosion-protecting inhibitors. So you can rest assured that your pipes are in the best possible condition when you’re using this product. 

7. RecPro RP-19937 RV Antifreeze

The RecPro Rv Antifreeze not only effectively winterizes your RV. It can be used year-round to keep your RV’s water system in excellent condition. 

It will keep pipes well lubricated and prevent any important materials from freezing or drying out because of hot weather. It offers protection from cold weather as low as -50°F.

This antifreeze is non-toxic and is safe to use outdoors or near animals. The FDA has also given their seal of approval to this antifreeze, so you know it stands up to rigorous safety requirements. 

This antifreeze also offers protection against corrosion. Your plumbing system and other pipes are well protected from corrosion, damage, and rust while you use this antifreeze product. 

8. Zecol RV Antifreeze

The Zecol RV Antifreeze is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep their RV safe from freezing temperatures. It protects against temperatures as low as -50°F. So your pipes will keep working effectively even in tough climates. 

This product is non-toxic. You don’t have to worry about damaging yourself or the surrounding environment, regardless of where you need to stop to use this antifreeze. 

The corrosion inhibitor properties of this product are an added bonus. It will prevent corrosion on your RV’s important metal elements so that they stay in good working condition. 

This is also a very versatile antifreeze. It is another product on the list that can be used for pools, boats, and vacation homes. So you’ll always be able to get the most use out of it regardless of what you need it for. 

9. Camco 36190 RV Winter Readiness Kit

This winter readiness kit is perfect for anyone who is seeking to fully winterize their RV. It comes with everything you need to keep your RV safe and working properly during harsh winters. 

Some items included in the kit are three bottles of 32-oz antifreeze solution, a 20-liter bucket, a blow-out plug, and a hand pump kit. This is everything you’ll need to prepare your RV for winter.

A dehumidifier and a hanging dehumidifier are also included in the kit. You’ll also find a moisture absorber for those cool winter mornings. This kit is one of the most efficient products available, as it truly consists of everything your RV needs for winter. 

You’ll find a handy in-product guide to consult whenever you need to use any of the included items. Of course, you won’t always need every item inside. It’s best to consider if you’ll get use out of all these items before purchasing this winter kit. 

10. Century Chemical TF-1 Heat Transfer Fluid

The Century Chemical TF-1 Heat Transfer Fluid protects your vehicle’s plumbing systems even when temperatures get as low as -48°F. It’s perfect if you wish to take your RV out during winter as it winterizes your pipes effectively. 

One stand-out feature of this product is that it comes with a very low fire risk. Some antifreeze options can be very flammable, which makes keeping them in your vehicle a concern for many RV owners. However, this one offers protection against catching fire, offering you further safety reassurance. 

Another great feature of this product is that it works to protect your pipes from hot weather too. This antifreeze option can keep your vehicle in peak condition across a wide variety of changing temperatures. 

This product is also anti-corrosive. You can use it on your pipes year-round without worrying about causing rust or damage that could result in leaks. 

11. BioTherm Fluids BTRV-1 RV Antifreeze

This RV antifreeze product gives you the reassurance of total safety when it comes to winterizing your RV. It has been through safety tests under lab conditions and meets ASTM D1384 standards. This is one of the best RV antifreeze products for those seeking increased safety for their vehicle. 

Another safety element of the BioTherm antifreeze is that it is not too dangerous if some accidentally comes into contact with food. While this, of course, should be avoided, it is reassuring to know that accidental food contact is okay. 

As it works to protect your pipes from temperatures as low as -50°F, it is great for winterizing your RV. 

This antifreeze is also very versatile. It works on a variety of different kinds of metal, including iron, copper, and steel, without causing corrosion or damage. It is also suitable for different kinds of vehicles, including motorcycles and trucks. 

12. Froggy’s Fog CHEM-PG-1G Propylene Glycol

This RV antifreeze contains an ingredient called propylene glycol. Propylene glycol stops plumbing systems and pipes from freezing or experiencing other kinds of temperature damage. 

Propylene glycol is also a very safe ingredient. It can be found in hair products and even certain foods, so you know you can trust it. It is non-toxic and you won’t damage your skin if you happen to spill some.

Propylene glycol is also great for de-icing other areas of your RV. If you experience high levels of freezing on your vehicle, a little propylene glycol will help to melt this away. 

Always check the materials you are using propylene glycol on are suitable for it. While it is a very versatile product, it is worth double checking if it will work in the way you wish before using it. 

13. Splash 619526 RV & Marine Antifreeze

While all the products on this list are great RV antifreeze options, you could say the best has been saved for last. The Splash RV and Marine antifreeze will protect your RV’s pipes from temperatures as low as -225°F.

While it isn’t likely you’ll end up anywhere this cold, it is an added guarantee of efficient protection. This antifreeze is also non-corrosive, so your pipes will never experience any damage throughout use. 

This is another very versatile antifreeze that can be used on other piping systems. This includes boats and even motorcycles. It’s the perfect antifreeze for anyone wishing to put their vehicle to the test in terms of temperature.

It comes in a one-gallon container, which is a good amount for smaller RVs. It is also easy and efficient to store if you need to keep more of it. 

Keep Your RV Running All Year With the Right RV Antifreeze

The best RV antifreeze for your vehicle will depend on what you’re looking for. You may want your RV to stand up to the toughest temperatures. Or, keeping your pipes corrosion-free may be your main concern.

Regardless, any of the products listed above will keep your RV in the best condition even on the longest journeys. Winterising an RV doesn’t have to be a chore if you stick with any of the listed products. They’ll hold up even against the toughest weather without damaging your pipes. 

To learn more about how to keep your RV running smoothly all year, check out this page. There are lots of tips on the best products to use to get the most out of your vehicle. Contact the great customer service team if you have any questions. 

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