Best RV Campgrounds in Wyoming

No one in their right mind would turn down a chance to RV in Wyoming. In fact, the state has several award-winning RV campgrounds. So what makes one RV campground stand out from the rest? Location, amenities (if any) and again location. Wyoming offers many great campgrounds near Yellowstone National Park.

That’s why we’ve made this compilation of the best RV campgrounds in Wyoming. Our unbiased and factual reviews will make it easier for you and our many readers to find the best campgrounds in the state.

1. Sleeping Bear RV Park & Campground

In the high country of Wyoming there are many beautiful places to go and enjoy the outdoors. One of the most beautiful places is Sleeping Bear RV Park and Campground in Lander, Wyoming. It has amazing views of the surrounding area and has many amenities that make it a great place to stay.

Sleeping Bear RV Park & Campground is a family-owned RV park with over 50 full hook-ups and 20 additional pull-through sites. The park has a full-service heated swimming pool, hot tub, and two playgrounds.

Sleeping Bear is small enough to be inviting and big enough to provide an atmosphere of comfort for all the adults (and children) in your party. You've definitely found the right place.

2. Western Hills Campground

This is a newly renovated, modern campground in Western Wyoming. The campground is nestled in a beautiful wooded area with an abundance of wildlife and spectacular views. 

It is a pet friendly campground that offers a full hookup site and back-ins. There are plenty of amenities such as WiFi, cable television, etc.

We love that Western Hills Campground has two large electric hook-ups at their spots, each of which is 50 amp. The campground is also equipped with a shower house that has running water, toilets, and a bathhouse. 

There are also fire pits and picnic tables. Western Hills Campground has a perfect location for hiking and a short distance from the Yellowstone National Park entrance.

3. Ponderosa Campground

Ponderosa Campground is a beautiful location with a great central location in the mountains. The campground is surrounded by trees and hills and the views are spectacular. 

The campground is located in the Big Horn Mountains. The name of the campground is from the two pine trees that stand guard over the campground, and was built about 40 years ago.

Most of the sites are fairly level and are very long, which is great. There is a wonderful walking path that begins at the campground and leads to the scenic overlook. There is also a playground and a nice swimming pool.

4. Rivers Edge RV & Cabins Resort

Rivers Edge RV & Cabins Resort is a self-contained resort that boasts a variety of holiday options. The resort has a variety of lodging options, from rustic cabins, to resort-like cottages, to spacious RV sites. 

There is something for every type of traveler and every budget, which we really like. 

This RV Resort offers a wide variety of activities, from water slides to hiking trails, to outdoor pools. They also offer numerous amenities, including a large indoor pool, hot tub and game room, as well as convenient laundry and showers.

5. Norris Campground, Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a very popular tourist destination and many people want to visit it, but don't want to spend too much time on the road. Norris Campground is perfect for recreational vehicles, horse trailers, or tents. 

It also offers a number of amenities for all types of travelers. There are 57 sites, six of which are handicapped and one of which is for tents only. 

There is also a dump station, a store, and some free cabins. The site is open year-round, but there is no water or electricity from November until early May.

6. Firehole Canyon Campground

The Firehole Canyon Campground is nestled in the heart of Yellowstone National Park and is situated next to the popular Old Faithful Campground. Located in a beautifully wooded valley, the campground is an excellent place to experience Yellowstone's wildlife and natural beauty.

Firehole Canyon is much more than a campground. It is a place of spectacular beauty and natural wonders. 

This is truly a place where you can come back to nature, breathe fresh air, and experience the wonders of nature. Firehole Canyon was named by Chief Washakie, and is one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Firehole Canyon provides beautiful vistas, the greatest sense of freedom and serenity, and a place to visit for all seasons.

7. Mammoth Hot Springs Campground

The Mammoth Hot Springs Campground is located near the Mammoth Hot Springs in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. The campground offers 93 sites for RVs up to 40 feet that are in turn separated by a dirt road. The campground has hot showers, restrooms, drinking water, phone service, wireless internet, a camp store, and a museum.

The campground offers 93 sites for RVs up to 40 feet that are in turn separated by a dirt road. The campground has hot showers, restrooms, drinking water, phone service, wireless internet, a camp store, and a museum.

8. Tough Creek Campground

At first glance, Tough Creek might not seem like the most incredible place to spend a few weeks in an RV. The campground, located in the heart of Wyoming's Medicine Bow National Forest. 

It offers only 22 sites arranged in a row of loops that make the place look like a subdivision. But the combination of open meadows, towering pines, and the mineral-rich waters of the Wind River are enough to make anyone want to stop by for a few days.

Tough Creek Campground does not have all the bells and whistles of other campgrounds, but it has the basic amenities that you need to have a comfortable stay. 

The sites are large and wooded, and there is a lot of hiking and backcountry camping available in the area. In addition, the campground is very dog friendly, and has a lot of other amenities such as a bathhouse, laundry room, and a dump station.

9. Absaroka Bay RV Park

Absaroka Beach RV Park is a nice, clean and small family owned campground/RV park on the shore of Wapiti Lake in Absaroka, Wyoming. The park offers quite a bit for families, with a lot of activities for the kids. 

They have a sports field, a pool, a hot tub and a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. There is also a very cool walking trail just outside the campground.

The park is a good value for the money. The sites are big enough to accommodate a 40 plus foot motorhome, and the park is well maintained. Visitors will be surprised at how chill the park and its surroundings are, and the park is an easy walk to the beach.

It has a great location, nice amenities and really great staff. Absaroka Beach RV Park is highly recommended.

10. Red Desert Rose Campground

You've probably seen the iconic red rock formations in the state of Wyoming, but have you ever been to the Red Desert Rose Campground? This gorgeous campground is located in the Red Desert and is known as a hot spring getaway. 

The campground offers spring and fall temperatures, and plenty of free activities to do. These activities include swimming, hiking, and horseback riding.

Red Desert Rose is a great example of how a small campground can be a real gem. The campground is located in a small bit of desert land in the middle of nowhere. 

The place is rarely full, so you'll get a lot of privacy. When you pull up, you can see all your campsites as well as the other campers.

11. Indian Campground & RV Park

The natural beauty of the Great Divide Basin is the star attraction of the Indian Campground & RV Park. The area comprises nearly 2 million acres of federal land tucked away in the middle of Wyoming. 

The Indian Campground & RV Park offers full hookups, RV sites and tent camping for people looking to enjoy the beauty of the area. The park has a total capacity of over 200 campers and has 27 campsites.

The park is also near lots of great activities. It’s close to Cody and Yellowstone National Parks as well as the surrounding areas. You won’t be disappointed with Indian Campground & RV Park.

12. Jim Moss Arena Campground

The Jim Moss Arena Campground has so much to offer for RV campers, especially in the summer months, it's hard to know where to begin. The best place to start would be the beautiful scenery around the campground, of which there is plenty. 

This campground offers gorgeous mountain vistas and views. Then there’s the variety of activities you can enjoy in the area. 

Chugwater has lots of nearby hiking and biking trails. The local wildlife is not to be missed either. Plenty of animals are present, ranging from deer, elk, and moose, to the less visible, like the bighorn sheep. What a great campground.


And that concludes our review. We hope you enjoyed our article about the best RV campgrounds in Wyoming. You won’t regret a visit to Wyoming while traveling in your RV. 

With so many campgrounds and scenery to choose from, you won’t miss out on the good times. 

Whether you are camping for a weekend or a few weeks, Wyoming’s campgrounds have got you covered. So get out there and enjoy all that the RV life offers.