Can You Backup with a Weight Distribution Hitch?

A weight distribution hitch can be handy regardless of the size and weight of the trailer. What’s more, if the gross trailer weight is over 5,000 lbs., you are required to have a weight distribution hitch. This type of hitch helps to stabilize the trailer and distribute the weight evenly. In turn, this improves handling as … Read more

How to Repair RV Fiberglass Exterior Damage

Repairing RV fiberglass exterior damage can be a complicated task. You need to make sure that you have the right tools, items, and guidance so that you can safely and properly repair any exterior fiberglass damage to your RV. First, you are going to need to make sure you have all of the necessary items you need … Read more

How Does a Macerator Pump Work?

A macerator pump can help you minimize the mess when dumping waste from your RV. It reduces the waste to a slurry by grinding and mashing the larger particles. This can come in handy when pumping waste up an incline. Basically, if you have a macerator pump you have more options when it comes to accessing … Read more

Do Cellphone Boosters Work in Rural Areas?

A lot of people are skeptical about the effectiveness of cellphone boosters. Do cellphone  boosters work in rural areas or are they best suited when traveling between towns? Cellphone boosters do work. But, their effectiveness often depends on the conditions in your area, just as much as they depend on the quality of the gadget. Have … Read more

Proper Hitch Height For Travel Trailer Guide

Travel trailers are beloved by road trip and RV life enthusiasts for their convenience and flexibility. All you need is a vehicle with the right towing capacity, and you can pull your home-away-from-home behind you wherever your adventures take you. There is one drawback though that many first time travel trailer users often struggle with: finding … Read more

Are TPMS Sensors Required By Law?

TPMS sensors are useful but some may consider them annoying. They’re often responsible for warning lights turning on even when nothing seems wrong with your vehicle. I personally couldn’t imagine a long RV trip without them, and it’s one of my favorite gadgets to have on my RV (Check out which ones I recommend here) So, are … Read more

Winegard Connect vs Wifi Ranger

Wifi extenders are one of the handiest tools that you can have in your RV. Instead of paying for high-speed satellite internet for your RV, Wifi extenders are a great way to amplify Wifi signals from existing internet signals, in the vicinity of where you park your RV. Today, we are going to do an overview … Read more

Best TV Antenna For RVs In 2021 (Top 5 Reviews With Comparison)

If you’re going to be living in your RV or trailer for an extended period of time, watching TV may be one thing you couldn’t do without. Fortunately, antennas for TV make it possible for RV owners to receive basic cable. With a TV in your RV, you can watch the news, sports or even primetime programming. With … Read more