Humorous Reasons to go RVing

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There are many humorous reasons to go RVing! Here are a few:

  1. You can use the phrase “home is where you park it” without irony.
  1. You can pretend you’re on a spaceship and make whooshing noises while you drive.
  1. You can play a game of “what’s that smell?” every time you enter a new RV park.
  1. You can make jokes about being “road scholars” or “professional nomads.”
  1. You can channel your inner cowboy and say “happy trails” to everyone you meet.
  1. You can have a different backyard view every day.
  1. You can make s’mores anytime you want without having to build a fire.
  1. You can finally use that portable toilet you bought as a gag gift.
  1. You can invent your own language of RV-related acronyms and confuse your friends and family.
  1. You can convince yourself that you’re living the dream and just on an extended vacation, even if you’re just sitting in a Walmart parking lot.

Of course, there are many serious and practical reasons to go RVing as well, but sometimes it’s fun to focus on the humorous aspects!

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