How to Measure RV Skylight

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RVs offer an incredible way to enjoy traveling. They bring all the comforts of home to the road, giving your passengers peace of mind and excitement all at the same time. You can really spice up your RV by installing an overhead skylight.

Skylights go a long way towards improving your RV space so that you and you passengers can fully enjoy your adventures. This article will help you find the right skylight so you can get the most out of your home away from home.

Benefits of Installing an RV Skylight

More Natural Sunlight

RV skylights greatly improve the lighting of your RV. This way you can travel and rest without having to worry about lamps and lights. Skylights give you plenty of Vitamin D from the sun’s natural rays. This strengthens your immune system and brightens your mood.

More Fresh Air

Many skylights can open up, giving you lots of that fresh air you want to escape into. So even during your travels you feel more in touch with nature. You can open your skylight up when you stop to keep the air from stagnating without the need for air conditioning. 

Check out the View

When you travel across the country you want to actually see the country. Windows only give you a limited view of the beautiful landscapes you pass through. And even when just cruising across on flat terrain your passengers can enjoy the sky, especially at night with all of the stars. 

Help make your RV look Larger

Skylights help open up your RV, making them look much more spacious. Especially on long journeys, RVs can make you and your passengers feel cooped up. A skylight decreases any feelings of claustrophobia and helps create a more comfortable space. 

Additional Emergency Exit

In the event of an emergency, skylights give you and your passengers a way out. The more options for escape in times of crisis the better. You should always prioritize safety during all of your travels.

Different Kinds of RV Skylights

RV skylights come in a variety of shapes and styles. Each style comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each skylight type so you can make a confident decision.

Fixed Dome RV Skylights

Fixed dome skylights are often the cheapest option for RVs. They come in the shape of a dome protruding from the top of the RV. Their dome shape helps them spread light into less offensive rays than flat windows allow for. Additionally, you will not have to worry about water pooling up on the top of them, since they shed water immediately.

Fixed dome skylights are made from a strong acrylic material, so you can feel safe letting your passengers enjoy them. Their material and shape mean that they do not require any additional support, giving you a nice unobstructed view to the outside.

While fixed domes give you a cheap and quick option for enjoying the outside, you cannot open them. So if you really only want more light a fixed dome would work for you.

Ventilating RV Skylights

Ventilating RV skylights allow you to bring fresh air into the cabin or your vehicle. Made from glass and/or aluminum, they open up with a hinge. Be careful when opening them during travel, as some are designed to only open while stopped. 

Additionally, some ventilating skylights have solid lids so they only act as windows when opened. If you want a full skylight experience, look for one with a glass lid.

Ventilating skylights also provide an emergency exit since they open with ease. When looking for a ventilating skylight, look to see if they can open while moving and how much light they allow in. They are usually smaller than other skylights, so their opening comes with a tradeoff.

Tinted/Glazes Skylights

Usually a fixed dome skylight, this option gives you additional protection from the sun’s rays. You can still enjoy the sunlight but do not have to worry about damage to your passengers or interior.

How to Measure for your New Skylight

Before installing, you want to determine which section of your RV you want your skylight over. Be cautious of electric wiring so you do not damage your vehicle. Find the point of least resistance, measure and install there.

Once finding a spot, look at skylight measurements. Make sure you pick one that gives you space to fit and secure it to your roof. 

Wrapping Up

Skylights come with tons of benefits and really make your RVs a lot cosier. Your RVs roof space determines which kind of skylight you can install. Thoroughly consider your desires and your vehicle’s limitations before making a selection.

After that, you can soak up the rays and enjoy some fresh air on your vacations.

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