How To Make a Jackknife Sofa Comfortable

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One of the great things about a jackknife sofa is that it can pop right open and they can fit nearly anywhere.

But why can’t you ever get your friends to sit on it? More importantly, why is it even you won’t sit on the thing?

If you've ever sat on a jackknife sofa, you know that it can be kind of uncomfortable, not to mention hard on the back. 

Lucky for you our helpful tips will teach you how to make a jackknife sofa comfortable. Let’s get started.

What Makes A jackknife Sofa Uncomfortable?

Jackknife sofas can be uncomfortable, that’s just plain fact. While some models are naturally better than others, it's possible to make any jackknife sofa a more comfortable place to sit.

Uneven Parts

The biggest problem most people face when they make a sofa like this one is the unevenness of the parts. The seam and even the cushions can be longer or shorter on some models. 

Seam Between The Foam and Couch 

Why is the seam so uncomfortable? Most likely, because as far as RV manufacturers are concerned, the couch is built to fit the RV, not necessarily the human. 

The couch seam is meant to last and can be formed to fit nearly any shape and RV space. This can result in the seam being positioned in a spot where it’s uncomfortable for a person.

The Crack Between The Back and Seat 

The crack between the back and the seat can make a jackknife sofa uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting alone or holding hands with someone. 

The gap will probably drive you crazy if you decide to buy the sofa, and it can get worse over time. It’s a rather annoying quirk of owning a jackknife sofa.

Ways to Make A RV jackknife Sofa Comfortable

Use a Quilt

Not only do quilts add a pop of color to your RV that pleather can never deliver, they also protect against spills and hard use, adding years to the life of your RV’s jackknife sofa.

Quilts are a time honored way to keep warm. They are also a creative way to reupholster or pad a sofa. The thickest ones are used to make a sofa more comfortable.

Use Some Egg Crate Foam Pads

Have you ever found yourself on a road trip with a friend that involved sleeping on a jackknife sofa? If you have, you know that the discomfort (and pain) the next day can be unbearable. 

The Egg Crate Couch Pad is a very efficient way to get your RV jackknife Sofa comfortable and is the preferred method for most RVers.

Make Your Own Sofa Pad

Sofa pads can be surprisingly easy to make if you have the right tools. All you need is a pair of scissors, a staple gun, and enough foam to cover your jackknife sofa.

This can save you a lot of money over time, because you will no longer need to purchase sofa pads for your RV.

Making your own sofa pad is a much cheaper alternative to buying one, and it will allow you to customize it to your own taste.

Use Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are the dense, hollow tubes that come with almost any above-ground pool. Pool noodles are inexpensive, super easy to cut to size, and available in a wide range of sizes, so you can always get the perfect fit for your sofa.

Simply cut a pool noodle to the size of your sofa cushions, and slip it into the foam. This will make the foam more durable and help it to hold its shape, making the sofa bed more comfortable, and look much better.


What Is a Jackknife Sofa?

What is a jackknife sofa? A jackknife sofa consists of at least two separate cushions that can be rearranged into any shape. This allows the sofa to be used in a wide variety of settings, ranging from seating for a small party to making room for a bed for overnight guests. 

For the best examples of jackknife sofas, you should definitely check out the RV Expeditioners website. The buyer’s guide is fantastic!

Will a Futon Cover Fit a Jackknife Sofa?

Will a futon cover fit a jackknife sofa? In a word, yes.

Most futon covers, however, come in sizes that are compatible with a standard sofa and can fold up along with the wood when not in use. Although the short answer is yes, the cover might be a bit snug. 

Wrapping Up

Knowing how to make a jackknife sofa comfortable has become a nearly universal rite of passage. All RVs should come with this article attached to their owner’s manual as far as we’re concerned.

We truly hope you enjoyed this article. We’ve discussed what makes a jackknife sofa  uncomfortable and what can be done about it. Don’t waste another day being uncomfortable. Plus up your jackknife sofa padding game today.


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