How To Get a Title for a Camper Without Title

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So you’ve found the perfect camper after searching for it all this time. You thought you’d find your dream vehicle through a dealership, but you found yourself buying from a private owner instead. Unfortunately, the owner doesn’t have a title for the camper. 

So what now? You know you simply can’t ignore that you need a title. How can you get a replacement title? Where do you go to get your paperwork?

Let’s check out how to get a title for a camper without title

What Exactly is a Vehicle Title?

A certificate of title is documentation that provides paper evidence, or proof of ownership for things like homes, businesses, vehicles, etc.

Data that may be listed on the title can include the identity of the owner and any relevant information about the camper for instance. 

Why Would a Camper Come Without a Title?

There are several reasons a camper might no have a title:

  • The camper might have been a demo, and never actually titled by the dealership
  • If the camper is older than 30 years, it simply doesn’t require a title
  • A person could have inherited the vehicle but never received the title
  • The vehicle might have been seized and is being sold at auction in an “As Is” condition

As you can tell, these are perfectly reasonable explanations of why a camper would be sold without a title. In other cases, the camper may have been abandoned, or even stolen. 

Can a Camper Actually Come Without a Title?

The easiest way to pick up a replacement title for your camper would be to visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Office. 

After you fill out some paperwork about the camper, the DMV will assist by checking their database to find out as much information as they can about the camper. 

This check will be able to tell the DMV if there's an existing lien on the camper. The DMV can also help determine if the camper was ever stolen, which is another reason it might not have a title. 

The DMV will also be able to determine if the camper is safe to be on the road. The database they use can tell if certain safety measures such as critical manufacturer recalls have been applied to the camper. 

These days due to the pandemic, your state DMV might let you do most of the paperwork online. You can even use snail-mail to deliver your paperwork if necessary.

Certain items required for a replacement title include:

  • Current or valid driver’s license
  • Bill of sale
  • Replacement title application
  • Lien status documentation if applicable
  • An inspection certificate. You can get this from a DOT station or you might be able to get one from your RV dealership

Why You Need Your Title

Your title is the most important document you can have for any vehicle. It proves without a doubt that your camper belongs to you. 

A title will normally have all relevant information concerning your camper.

  • Your title can also show proof of ownership in case your camper gets stolen or something else serious happens to it.
  • The tile will contain important information such as your camper’s Vehicle  Identification Number (VIN), which is very useful for a number of reasons. 


What Is a Title Application?

A title application is a document that allows you to replace a title for a vehicle that doesn’t have one. The information from the application will be verified through the DMV office. The DMV will ensure that the vehicle hasn’t been stolen or still has a lien on it.  

Once all information has been verified, your application will be approved and you’ll be granted a new title and then you can register your vehicle. 

How is a Bill of Sale created?

A bill of sale is a document that lets people transfer ownership of property in a legal way. The paperwork basically proves that you’ve either sold or purchased something like a vehicle from someone or to someone. It’s best use is to help protect both buyer and seller  in case of a disagreement or if a new vehicle title or other document is needed.

What Is an Inspection Certificate?

This certificate basically guarantees that a certain property has been certified to work properly. The most common example is if you were buying a used car and wanted to make sure there were no problems with it. Whether new or old, the certificate will be needed to prove the vehicle is safe to drive on the road. 

Once You Get Your Title

Now that you’ve received your title for your camper, be sure to do a few common sense things.

  • Make a copy of your title and keep it in a safe place. 
  • Always make sure you have access to your title when you need it.

Your title will allow you to get some important documents such as your camper’s insurance and registration. Congratulations and enjoy your new camper title.

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