Best Campground in Bighorn National Forest

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Has your RV been in park for much too long? Well, it might be time to go on a little camping trip. If so, visiting Bighorn National Forest needs to be on your to-do list! Get ready to enjoy the outdoors and take a load off. First things first: pick the best campground for you. In this article, you’ll read about the different campgrounds in Bighorn National Forest and all that they have to provide.  

Sitting Bull Campground

The Sitting Bull Campground offers many single-family sites. They each include a picnic table for those of you looking to have a nice family meal. It’s also equipped with a campfire ring and a grill, so you can actually enjoy a warm meal. 

Sitting Bull sits right on the edge of a forest, next to a beautiful mountain meadow. It’s perfect for canoeing, fishing and viewing wildlife. You’ll also notice quite a few trails in the surrounding area. Some access the Cloud Peak Wilderness. You can use the trails for a nice morning bike ride or to access the mountain to hike. 

There are accessible vault toilets. So thankfully, you don’t have to worry about using the woods to do your business. Drinking water, lantern poles and trash collection are also provided to you.

Some nearby attractions include Meadowlark and Haven Lodge. They include dining options and guided horseback riding. They even provide fishing and camping supplies in case you left something at home. 

Boulder Park Campground

This campground also offers several sites equipped with picnic tables and grills. There are accessible vault toilets, drinking water, trash collection, firewood and Horseshoe and fire pits. Boulder Park sits in an open meadow on the banks of West Tensleep Creek. It’s surrounded by a forest of lodgepole pine with many lakes and streams surrounding the Bighorn Mountains. 

In the surrounding area are fishing streams, hiking, scenic jeep roads and off-road vehicle trails. You have the opportunity to go on a peaceful boat ride and canoe, or just relax and view the wildlife out there. You can also take a short hike to the High Park Lookout and be rewarded with its panoramic views. 

South Fork Campground

The South Fork Campground sits on the banks of South Fork Clear Creek at an elevation of 7,800 feet. You can canoe or fish nearby at Tie Hack Reservoir. There you'll find cutthroat, rainbow or brown and brook trout in the lake. There are also hiking trails such as The Circle Park Trailhead. This accesses two 12,000’ peaks within the Cloud Peak Wilderness! I hope you’re not afraid of heights.

This campground offers all the necessary facilities needed for camping, a place to enjoy your meals and somewhere to use the bathroom. During the day you can go horseback riding or biking. There’s even a privately owned resort available and off-road vehicle trails. 

There are amenities such as tent pads, waterfront sites, self-pay stations and more. With this campground, you can even bring your pet along for the camping trip. 

Dead Swede Campground

The campground offers a variety of diverse hikes and an accessible fishing dock right on the shoreline of nearby Sibley Lake. You can view wildlife in the forest full of lodgepole pines or go biking along the many trails. If you want to throw in a bit of education into your trip then visit their Historic and Cultural site or the Visitor Center. 

There are plenty of single-family sites to go around. Each is equipped with a picnic table and a campfire ring with a grill. There are vault toilets, drinking water and trash collection available. They provide all camping amenities with pets allowed as well. 

If camping in an RV outdoors isn’t your thing then Dead Swede is perfect, for it has plenty of nearby lodges to stay at. The lodges even provide guided horseback riding, fishing adventures, dining options and general stores in case you need to re-up on camping supplies. 

Sibley Lake

This campground sits near Sibley Lake and Prune Creek in the Bighorn Mountains. There are craggy granite peaks that rise over 13,000 feet above sea level. It’s open to non-motorized craft and offers an accessible fishing dock on the shoreline. There is plenty of wildlife to view and you can even enjoy some bird watching, so bring your binoculars!

You can go hiking, biking, boating or utilize the additional fishing streams available to you. If you can’t go anywhere without your phone or have kids that can’t live without theirs, then keep it on you. This campground provides electricity hookup so you don’t have to worry about not being able to charge your device. They also provide all the other amenities you need.

Little Bighorn West Trailhead

This trailhead includes campgrounds that allow horses, and you can even go horseback riding. It includes horse camping as well. Little Bighorn West Trailhead is located in an open meadow. If you want to go on a morning bike ride or an afternoon hike, then you can do so here. Little Bighorn accesses the Little Horn Trail meant for biking and hiking. 

Elgin Park Trailhead

Elgin Park Trailhead is a place for horses and horseback riding as well. They have some horse camping amenities and accesses several non-motorized trails in the area. It includes hiking too.

Battle Park Trailhead

Battle Park is very popular with horse users. They too allow horses and horseback riding. Across the road, you can find a camping area with facilities and motorized trails for ATV campers. Battle Park provides access to the Battle Park Trail if you want to take a hike. It also has nearby access to Cloud Peak Wilderness via the Long Park and Middle Paintrock Trail. 


One thing’s for sure, these campgrounds provide a ton of amenities and activities. It’s almost impossible to get bored here when there’s so much available for you to do. Choose the campground that best suits your needs and go enjoy your time there. You won’t regret it. For more information please visit our site or contact us today!

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