How to Remove Oxidation From Rv Decals

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RVs and campers receive a lot of sunlight, rain, snow, or humidity from the sea -depending on the season and where they are-, which over time causes decals and paint to rust, causing them to the finish of the material loses lucidity. Here we explain how to remove rust from your RV decals.

Oxidation is a problem that occurs when oxygen reacts with another substance. In the case of RVs and campers, this usually takes the form of rust. Rust not only makes your motorhome look ugly, but it can also cause more serious problems as it slowly “eats” through the metal parts in the body. Using simple home cleaning remedies for rust helps prevent this from happening, although geting the best rv rust remover is the ideal solution.

List of items required (tools required)

  • Non-scratch scouring sponge.
  • Water

Step by Step Guide

  1. Dampen the sponge with fresh water.
  2. Use one side of the sponge to rub the small sections of the decals. You can put a lot of pressure to make it work better.
  3. Squeeze out the sponge and use the other side for the next step.
  4. Clean rust and dirt. Repeat the process in other sections.
  5. Let the decals dry.
  6. Apply Rejuvenate decal solution to create a smooth, shiny surface for your RV.


The best way to treat rust is to reduce rust buildup and prevent it from becoming a problem. Start by keeping your RV out of the hot sun and keeping it as dry as possible. After a wash or a trip through a storm, take a few minutes to pat dry areas where you notice rust problems, such as the roof and hood. Once a month, take a few minutes to give the RV a thorough one more time, looking for any signs of holes or damage. When you find a hole, seal it, which keeps rust from forming in those areas by preventing water from entering the place. You can also wax and polish your RV at least once a month to help protect against water damage.

Acid remedies

One type of home remedy for oxidation of acids used as the main base. The acid works by slowly sloughing away the rust and removing any signs that were there. You will want to use something with a high acid level like lemon juice, vinegar, or even Coca-Cola. Apply a layer of corrosion or oxidation liquid and let it sit for five to 10 minutes. Then take a thick brush such as a metal or wire brush and scrape off the anti-oxidation liquid. Rinse the liquid with cold water and repeat where you see the oxide still formed. Another option is to combine equal parts of lemon juice and table salt and use it in the same way. This works as both an acid and a corrosive remedy.

Corrosive remedies

Corrosive remedies for RV rust work, forcing rust out of the caravan. You can use a number of different things here, including toothpaste. The best is known as the Barkeeper friend, which is made from oxalic acid and works to remove residue, rust, and other problems from metal surfaces. You will have to use a small amount of water with this because it is a powder type substance. Pour the powder directly onto the surface and add water over the top to make a fine paste. Rub the dust and water combination and the rust flakes should start to fall off. Rinse with fresh water.

Tips and Warnings

  • It would be helpful if you cleaned your RV monthly to avoid the rust process.
  • You can choose products that have "wash and wax" functions for optimal effect.
  • In order for the RV to look nice and shiny, you need to wax it at least once a year.
  • When you are not using the RV, you should cover it with a wide tarp to avoid damage caused by environmental factors.

How to Protect Your Fiberglass RV From Oxidation

  • Cover it when not in use
  • Keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible
  • Clean all surfaces regularly
  • Cover your motorhome in RV wax every few months
  • When buying the best wax for your motorhome, look for brands that come with extra UV protection. Most waxes can mitigate much of the damage that the sun causes, but be sure that they list UV protection on the label.

Assuming that your mobile home hasn’t experienced heavy oxidation, we highly recommend Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover. This product is simple to use, it helps restore your RV’s shine, and it will create a lasting barrier.

Overall, it’s one of the most versatile and long-lasting formulas to remove oxidation from RV.

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