Which 5th Wheel Brands Should You Avoid?

When looking for a new RV, one of the best options can be a fifth-wheel trailer. Rather than driving your mobile home around, you can park it and take off in your tow vehicle instead. Also, fifth wheels can offer more amenities than most class C RVs, which means you get to travel and camp … Read more

How Much Electricity Does an RV Use?

RV’s can be a lot of fun and an economically friendly way to live. However, there are some costs associated with owning one that is often overlooked. One of the biggest costs is electricity as motorhomes and campervans use plenty of it. Many assume that living in an RV would save them money as opposed … Read more

How to Install a Power Inverter in a Camper

Installing a power inverter in your camper can allow you to power electronics that would normally require power from a 120V AC shore. A power inverter is an excellent tool for campers that like to travel off the grid. It allows you to charge your phone, watch television and has a variety of other uses. … Read more

Why Do You Need a Surge Protector in Your RV?

Traveling in your RV without having a surge protector poses a serious safety hazard. Surge protectors are a level of insurance if your RV catches fire. The following is why you need a surge protector in your RV.Power Surges, High Voltage, Low Voltage and Faulty WiringPower surges, high voltage, low voltage and faulty wiring are … Read more

Winegard Connect vs Wifi Ranger

Wifi extenders are one of the handiest tools that you can have in your RV. Instead of paying for high-speed satellite internet for your RV, Wifi extenders are a great way to amplify Wifi signals from existing internet signals, in the vicinity of where you park your RV. Today, we are going to do an overview … Read more