Winegard Connect vs Wifi Ranger

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Wifi extenders are one of the handiest tools that you can have in your RV. Instead of paying for high-speed satellite internet for your RV, Wifi extenders are a great way to amplify Wifi signals from existing internet signals, in the vicinity of where you park your RV.

Today, we are going to do an overview and comparison of two different Wifi extenders. We are going to take a close look at the Winegard Connect Wifi extender as well as the Wifi Ranger Wifi extender. By the end of this review, you will have a better idea of the unique benefits that each of these Wifi extenders can bring to your RV. 

Quick answer for Lazy Readers

1. Winegard Connect

Is this unit good for RVs?

The Winegard connect is perfect for RVs and RV families.

How is it powered?

DC power that you can connect inside or outside of your vehicle.

Does it provide a private broadcasted network, a public one, or both?

Not specified, but it appears that this model rebroadcasts both private and public networks.

Does it come with mounting hardware?

It does come with mounting hardware.

Indoor or outdoor mounting?

It comes with mounting hardware so that you can mount it inside or outside the vehicle.

Is it provider compatible?

Yes, it is compatible with AT&T and Verizon, up to 4G LTE.

2. Wifi Ranger

Is this unit good for RVs?

It is perfect for use in your RV or in your home

How is it powered?

It takes standard direct current power but doesn’t specify the voltage or amperage.

Does it provide a private broadcasted network, a public one, or both?

This unit does specify that it rebroadcasts both private and public networks for yourself and/or your guests.

Does it come with mounting hardware?

It does not appear to come with mounting hardware.

Indoor or outdoor mounting?

This particular model does not appear incredibly durable and is best used inside your RV.

Is it provider compatible?

This unit is AirCard supported up to 3G and 4G.

Features Side-to-Side

1. Winegard Connect

  • 9-16 volts.
  • 1 amp.
  • DC power supply.
  • Up to 4G LTE compatible.
  • Service providers Verizon and AT&T.
  • 20-foot power cable.
  • Exterior and interior mounting hardware.
  • Durable casing.
  • Compact design.

2. Wifi Ranger

  • Lighted display.
  • 3G/4G AirCard support.
  • Secure and automated design.
  • Rebroadcasts both public and private Wifi simultaneously.


1. Winegard Connect Mini Review

The Winegard connect gives your RV a quick, easy, amplified way to connect your RV to an adjacent Wifi signal. This model of Winegard Connect actually comes in two different versions. You can actually get this product that includes both a Wifi extender and the ability to use a 4G LTE satellite network.

Winegard has a relationship with a couple of different internet service providers so that you can have access to the web anywhere, even if you don’t have a Wifi signal near you to amplify and use. If you want to get the standalone Wifi extender version, you can get away with paying a substantial amount less to just get the Wifi extender version of this model. This, of course, won’t provide you access to satellite internet, but it will give you the ability to amplify and access nearby wifi signals.

The Winegard connect is a great way to keep your media players, computers, tablets, and smartphones connected to Wifi by producing a reliable Wifi connection while amplifying Wifi coverage.

All you need to set up your Winegard Connect is a wireless 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz network. Beyond that, you just need the devices that you want to use to connect to your Wifi extender. With your Winegard Connect, you are going to get

  • An antenna.
  • A 20-foot power cable.
  • All of the exterior mounting hardware you need.
  • Interior mounting hardware for the extender.
  • The manufacturer’s manual for how to use it.

If you get the satellite internet version of this Wifi extender you can either get your internet service through AT&T or Verizon. It uses direct current (DC) power at 9-16 volts, and one amp. Another nice plus to the Winegard connect is that it is compact and lightweight as well. It is only 16 inches in diameter and 8 inches tall. This powerful Wifi extender unit weighs in at only 3.75 pounds

2. Wifi Ranger Mini Review

The Wifi Ranger is another stellar option for a wifi extender. It is rated powerful enough to use in your home or your RV. The Wifi Ranger has a sleek and simple design that makes it easy to set up, activate, and operate. It is evident that the Wifi Ranger set out to make it as easy and quick as possible so that RV owners can get their Wifi hubs up and running.

Basically all you have to do to get the unit up and running is plug it into its power source in your RV and connect your Wifi ranger to the shared broadcast source that you are near. From there, the Wifi Ranger will rebroadcast and amplify the received Wifi signal so that you can connect your wireless devices including your smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs and more. It even has LAN ports built into the unit so that you can connect hardwired devices like

  • Entertainment consoles.
  • Gaming consoles or systems.
  • And laptop computers.
  • Lighted display.

The Wifi Ranger provides another benefit in that it can rebroadcast two separate signals simultaneously, from the Wifi you are connected to. You can rebroadcast one signal that is public so that your guests and neighbors can connect to it. You can also rebroadcast a private, password-protected signal to keep your connection and your devices private.

  • In the box you are going to receive:
  • The Wifi Ranger.
  • The power cable.

And several other cables to get you up and running.

A quick comparison of each one's main features

1. Winegard Connect

The Winegard Connect is a Wifi extender that truly has a lot to offer. Even if you don’t opt for the 4G LTE version of this unit, you are going to be able to enjoy a powerful and reliable Wifi extender that is great for taking with you in your RV, on the road. It has a durable casing that you can easily mount to the inside or the outside of your RV. It is lightweight, compact and simple to set up or attach to your RV. All of the cables that you need to get you up and running are in the box. Once you have your Wifi connector plugged in and installed, you can start enjoying extended, amplified Wifi in no time.

2. Wifi Ranger

The Wifi Ranger is also a simple Wifi extender design. Their parent company made it incredibly easy to install, plug-in and set up so that you and your family can connect all of your wireless devices to your own rebroadcasted signal in a matter of minutes. The Wifi ranger is only up to 4G capability, not the 4G LTE that the Winegard Connect can allow up to.


If you are looking for a reliable way to connect to Wifi in your RV while you are parked at a campsite or parked anywhere while you are on the road, either one of these Wifi extenders will help you do just that. Though the Wifi Ranger has a lot of great features to offer, of the two options the Winegard Connect has the most to offer. Not only does this model have compatibility with AT&T or Verizon up to 4G LTE network speeds, but it also rebroadcast and amplifies the Wifi signal from Wifi you are adjacent to and have access to. With that, it is durable enough to be mounted outside of your RV. It has mounting brackets for inside and outside of your RV so you have the flexibility to mount it anywhere in or around your RV.

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