How To Wind the Torsion Springs on an RV Awning

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As your RV’s awning torsion spring unwinds, it straightens the coils into flat wire, which strengthens the spring because it has less resistance to the force of the wind. 

How To Wind the Torsion Springs on an RV Awning? The easiest way is by temporarily removing the awning and using a screwdriver to wind (tighten) the torsion spring.  

While the RV awning springs will still work if left untwisted, they will not last as long, and they will become more difficult to wind. 

This article will definitely help you. Our step by step guide to show you exactly what’s needed and how to tighten the spring. Let’s get started.

Tools Needed

An RV With a Manual Awning

If you have a crank-style manual awning, it can be even worse, because you have to get out there and crank the handle manually to open the awning. This can be quite a workout on a hot day.

Pole to Pull the Awning Down

The first thing you need is a pole to pull the awning down and a way to attach the pole to the awning. It can be a broom handle, a ski pole, a long wooden dowel or a pole designed specifically for this purpose. I used a heavy duty push broom handle.

At Least 1 ladder (6' Tall is Good)

  • We can't stress this enough: you should always make sure you have at least 1 ladder before attempting an awning repair.

A Second Ladder Is Helpful

  • If you have a particularly long awning, then a second ladder will come in very handy. That way your helpers can get the job done quicker.

A Screwdriver -  Possibly With a Special Head (I Used a #2 Square Head)

  • As the title says, a screwdriver is probably needed. In fact, it is almost certain that you will need a screwdriver. If you are planning on doing it yourself, then a Phillips head screwdriver will probably do the trick. 
  • Be sure to check the screw head, as you might need an extra special screwdriver tip with a head that matches the shape of the screws in your RV's awning.

A Helper (or Three)

  • The process of setting up the awning can be somewhat difficult, especially if you are trying to do it by yourself. 

This is especially true if you are trying to do it by yourself for the first time. So have someone who can give you a hand.

How To Wind The Torsion Springs On An RV Awning

Prepare to Re-insert the Cotter Pin

Preparing to re-insert the cotter pin on an RV awning is something that every RV owner has to do sooner or later, and it’s normally pretty easy to do. It’s something that’s required to keep the springs from unwinding and causing problems.

It is not an easy task to re-insert the cotter pin into the pin box cotter pin hole on your RV awning all by yourself. Sometimes it is very easy to get the cotter pin stuck in the pin box hole. 

It is easy to get the cotter pin stuck in the pin box. The pin box hole is a little bit too small to allow for the cotter pin to easily enter the hole.

Wind the Spring

The procedure for winding up a torsion spring is easy, but there are a few things you should know first. 

First, if you feel uncomfortable with the procedure or don't have enough help, just visit your local RV Center. Experts with a lot of experience working with springs will be there to help.

Second, if you decide to use a spring winder, make sure you choose the right one for your particular spring. This means that you will need to measure your springs diameter and then match it with the corresponding winder. 

Re-insert Cotter Pin

  • In the case of an RV awning cylinder, they are used to keep the shaft from spinning and keep it from falling off. If you don’t have a cotter pin, you can make one out of a wire hanger, clothes hanger, nail, or any other piece of wire. 
  • Once the winding is complete, have your helper give you a hand with reinstalling the cotter pin.

Replace Arm and Bolt

  • Next, it’s time to put the arm and bolt back on. This is when your helpers will really be needed.

Reinstall Awning

  • Go ahead and inspect your awning before reinstalling it. It’s much easier to check everything for damage, cuts, etc., while the awning is off. Once you’re satisfied, you and your helpers should have no problem putting the awning back onto the RV.  

Wrapping Up

Well that was a piece of cake wasn’t it? We hope you got a lot out of our step by step guide on How to wind the torsion springs on an RV Awning. We discussed the tools needed, the steps to take and by now you should have the confidence to wind your RV awning torsion springs. Happy Winding.

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