How to Keep RV Drawers Closed

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If you have an RV, then you know how tough it can be to keep drawers closed and to keep things from sliding around inside drawers. The whole point of an RV is to live in it and travel in it, so keeping drawers closed is essential. By using the right tools and knowing some simple tricks, you can keep your RV drawers closed with no issues.

In this post, we will discuss some of the best ways to keep RV drawers closed and how to keep items from sliding around in the drawers. 

How to Keep RV Drawers Closed

Magnetic Latches

Magnetic latches are great for keeping RV drawers closed because they are easy to install and easy to use. You can purchase magnetic latches from your local home store or from Amazon. Most latches are installed with screws, and you can use a screwdriver or a drill to install them. They go on the inside of the drawer and the part of the drawer that is closest to you when you pull it out. When you close the drawer, the magnetic strips will latch together and keep the drawer shut as you ride around in your RV. This method is simple and quick, with no hassle. 

Bungee Cord or Rope Method

Many people who have RVs use bungee cord or rope to keep their drawers shut. This is a very simple method that is easy to incorporate into RV living. All you need is some bungee cord or rope that is strong enough to tie together and keep your drawers closed. If your drawers are all together in a vertical line, you can tie the drawers together with the same rope to keep them all closed. Then, when you want to open them, just untie the rope. Just keep the rope tied in a simple knot so that way it doesn’t take long to untie. This method words great for cabinets, too – simply tie cabinet handles together to keep them closed! This method is a no-brainer. 

Make Use of Storage Containers

Storage containers work wonders for RV living. Keeping items in these containers will minimize issues with items falling out of drawers. All you need to do is find container that are the right size for your drawers, which is pretty easy. Once you have your containers, put them inside your drawers and move your items inside of them. Keep the lids on them, and when your drawers open, nothing will fall out. 

Child Safety Locks

Child safety locks are not just for kids – they work perfectly to keep RV drawers shut. Use them as you would for your kids, just put them on your drawers instead. 

Rolled Up Rug Method

The rolled up rug method works great in a pinch when you don’t have any other tools. You can also use a towel or a dish cloth if you don’t have a rug. Simply roll up your rug or towel and place it on the inside of your drawer, in between the front of your drawer and the items that are inside. The rug or towel will prevent the drawer from opening. 


Velcro strips are perfect for keeping drawers shut. You just need to cut the strips so they are right size for your drawers. Once in place, they will keep your drawers from opening. 

Clean Up

Tidying up your RV will often fix issues you may be having with your drawers. Having too many things in a drawer means that more things will be falling out when the drawers open. Keeping things on the minimal side is always a good idea when it comes to RV living. 

How to Keep Your Things from Sliding Around while Driving

Compression Bars

For larger items that slide around in your RV, compression bars are the way to go. If installed properly, they will prevent sliding. You should organize your RV before installing them, so you know exactly where to put them. 

Anti-Slide Mats

Anti-slide mats are great for RVs because they really do prevent sliding! Simply put down these mats anywhere in your RV where you notice things sliding around. You will see a change instantly. 

Organization Tools

Staying organized in your RV is the key to having fun. Buy some containers, storage bins and other organizational tools that you think will help you. Keeping these tools handy will help you improve your RV space so you don’t have to worry about things sliding around. Having an organized space truly makes all the difference. 

Final Thoughts

There are several great methods for keeping your RV drawers shut and to keep items from sliding around. These tools and tricks will help you keep your RV neat and safe for yourself, your kids and your pets. Try some of these methods and you will see positive changes right away!

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4 thoughts on “How to Keep RV Drawers Closed”

  1. I am annoyed by the RV’s cabinets and drawers swinging open every time they hit a bump on the road. Knowing how to keep RV drawers closed is essential for a peaceful journey. You can tie child safety locks onto the handles of your cabinet or drawer or you should place magnetic latches on the sides, top, or bottom edges of the cabinet or drawer. Another way store your items in baskets, boxes, or bins, this method can even help you maximize your space. Avoid overloading the RV’s cabinets and drawers. This way, when the drawer does open, only a few items will get pushed out.

  2. I was looking for keep things from slipping while driving, thank you for writing this article. Compression bars look good but where are you going to fit them?

  3. A few velcro straps may suffice if you are only looking for a solution for your tiniest drawers. If used properly in your cabinet drawers, this material is more durable than typical magnets.


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