Blue Ox Sway Pro vs Equal-i-zer

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Choosing a hitch for your vehicle can be a daunting task. There are a few factors to consider, and the sheer number of hitches on the market can make the process even more confusing. 

Fear not as this article will pit two of the most popular hitches against each other to see which one comes out on top. We are taking a look at the Blue Ox Sway Pro and Equal-i-zer Sway. Specifically, the 1000 tongue weight/10,000 pound capacity units. 

Is one system really better than the other? While they are different, they both take aim at a common problem while towing: preventing sway. 

Read on for our ultimate Blue Ox Sway Pro vs Equal-i-zer comparison.

What is Sway? 

Sway is caused when the rear tires of a vehicle move out of alignment with the steering axis. It results in a lack of traction on the trailer, which can cause instability, and in extreme cases, force the vehicle to jackknife. 

Feature Comparison 1 - Cost

Currently, the Blue Ox Sway Pro costs $750. The Equal-i-zer is $717.

You might need the bolt on latches for the Blue Ox if your tongue can’t use the included clamp on latches. Your trailer might also need the optional hitch head if it’s not compatible. These two options are sold separately. They could potentially cost an additional $515.

The only other part you might need with the Equal-i-zer is possibly a hitch ball, which is relatively cheap.

It’s easy to see why they’re priced similarly. The Equal-i-zer is both easier to install and cheaper to buy than the Blue Ox Sway Pro. 

WINNER: Equal-i-zer Sway

Feature Comparison 2 - Sway Control and Flexibility

With both the Blue Ox and Equal-i-zer models, we’ve seen vast improvements since their last iteration. 

Blue Ox's Solution

The Blue Ox Sway System is a unique design that uses two round spring bars to control sway. This method allows for a level, safe towing angle while minimizing sway and leaning while towing. 

Blue Ox achieves this with a release bracket located inside the back cover of the hitch, which will release the bracket when its activated by a remote sensor. To unhitch, simply pop off the release plate and reattach the hitch.

Equal-i-zer's Solution

The Equal-i-zer Sway Hitch uses a four-point steel-on-steel friction system for sway control. By utilizing four points along it’s assembly, the Equal-i-zer not only controls sway, but has superior bounce control.

How does it work? The sway control brackets are what keeps the trailer in a straight line with the vehicle. The square-shaped spring bars provide great stability and structural strength. 

The Equal-i-zer Sway Hitch also uses a standard washer solution to keep the trailer level with the vehicle. 

WINNER: Equal-i-zer Sway

Feature Comparison 3 - Materials

Both are made of metal (the Blue Ox is reinforced). Both have chains and bolts for securing to your hitch. Both have easy-to-use clutch releases and they both come with bumpers. 

Both have a bottom plate for adding additional towing hardware. Both have five levels of counter weight to change the sway. Both work great with all car manufacturers. 

Equal-i-zer Sway is made of aluminum while the Blue Ox is steel. There’s no real difference in strength ratings. The Equal-i-zer Sway is a bit heavier at 103 pounds compared to Blue Ox’s 80 pounds. 


Feature Comparison 4 - Compatibility

The Blue Ox Sway and the Equal-i-zer are both fully rigid installations, meaning they are built without any intermediate components. 

This means that both systems are compatible with nearly any type of trailer on the market you want to tow. This doesn’t mean that the systems are compatible with each other.  


Feature Comparison 5 - Ease of installation

Blue Ox’s Sway system comes with the hitch itself, mounting brackets and hardware. Simply hook it to your hitch bar, and you’re ready to go. According to Blue Ox’s website, installation is a fairly simple and easy process. 

The Equal-i-zer Sway system also comes with everything needed for installation – including mounting hardware. 

NOTE: We found that both systems could benefit from having a 1 ⅞” thin-walled socket included. It’ll be needed for easy assembly. 

The Blue Ox system comes with a wrench, but we (and many customers) feel that the wrench is very cheap, slips and generally sucks.   

Both units installed easily enough.



When it comes down to it, we found both the Blue Ox Sway Pro and the Equal-i-zer systems to be fantastic for what they do. Keeping your trailer under control at speed is terribly important. Preventing sway protects everyone on the road. 

The Equal-i-zer Sway  is our pick for the best hitch system. 

It’s 4-point control, ease of use and general stability gave us an immediate feeling of confidence on the road. Equal-i-zer Sway proved to be the superior choice for our comparison.

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