Best RV Mail Forwarding Services In 2021

Living life in your RV on the road is liberating, but what happens to the rest of your life when you are on the road?

That includes the mail, bills, envelopes, and packages that you may be receiving while you are away.

Thankfully, there are some incredible mail forwarding companies and services that you can use so that you don’t miss a beat while you are on your next adventure.

Here is our review of four of the best RV mail forwarding services and the benefits that each of them offers.

What Is A RV Mail Forwarding Services?

These are the service you hire that collects your mail and bundles it. They will then redirect the mail to your RV. Those who prefer can view their incoming mail online, scan it, filter out junk, and even shred unwanted mail if they wish. If you are planning to RV into a destination, think about how convenient it will be to get your mail delivered there so you can rest assured you won't have to worry about it. The popularity of RV Mail Forwarding is such that there is a large variety of providers available.


1. Escapees RV Club
  • Get your mail delivered to you anywhere
  • Review your mail with a customer service specialist
  • Digital mail scanning service
  • Mail review over the phone
2. My RV Mail
  • Simple design
  • One of the most affordable options we’ve seen
  • Basic and premium versions available
  • Limitless physical and digital storage for your mail and packages
3. Traveling Mailbox
  • Digital integration with other cloud-based storage platforms
  • Unlimited cloud storage on their platform
  • Scanning and cloud system for decluttering your paper mail
  • Easy pickup
4. Usa2me
  • Multiple pricing tiers for all of your shipping needs
  • Shipping consolidation
  • Flexibility to ship to and from anywhere in the US and to many other countries
  • Scanning and sending


#1 Escapees RV Club


Mail Scanning Services

Gives you the ability to receive first-class mail contents online

In-house mail review

Their staff will review your mail with you by phone

Mail to Anywhere

With their service, they will take your mail


  • Personal mailbox
  • In-house mail review
  • Special sorting services
  • Mail forwarding
  • Mail scanning
  • Online access

Escapees RV club is a full-service RV club, that is one of the biggest RV clubs and RV support networks in the nation. They offer a variety of services from organized social events and outings to partnerships with RV campgrounds, roadside assistance services, online and in person communities, and even healthcare solutions.

Today we are going to be covering their world-class mail services and the mailing solutions that they provide to organize and simplify your life, while you are on the road. The most notable features of their mailing services are tied to the technology and platform that they give you. They have integrated world-class technology with their mail system while making sure that they keep safety and privacy a top priority.


There’s a lot of aspects of Escapee’s mail services that we really appreciate. They have taken massive strides in the technology that they use to offer what we think is some of the best in

- Providing the maximum amount of security and privacy for their customers

- Give their customers a variety of options for reviewing and receiving their mail, anywhere

- Organizing this into a clean and easy-to-use interface

It is hard to go wrong with the mail service of one of the most renowned and longest standing RV membership organizations in the nation. Some may be skeptical that this organization has its hand in so many services that they couldn’t possibly do all of this well.

Their mail system as a stand-alone service may make you think differently. This service is perfect for the full-time or part-time RV enthusiast or RV family.


Works with USPS or FedEx to get your mail anywhere

No fees for physical or digital storage

App access to your account and digital services


  • Premium service includes getting images of your mail
  • No limits on the mail or number of packages that you receive
  • You can request scans for urgent letters and mail
  • Schedule when you want your mail shipments to happen
  • Ships to a unique address in Florida, and can be forwarded to you anywhere
  • Live customer service, over the phone

This is one of the lowest flash and also lowest budget RV mail forwarding services that we have looked at thus far. My RV mail gives you everything that you need so that you can get your mail delivered to you and keep it organized.

They offer your basics like

- Shredding services

- Scanning and sending

- Digital and physical storage for your mail and documents

- The ability to review your mail over the phone with a representative

- Sharing your mail with your family

Beyond that, they don’t have a lot of bells and whistles that they offer with their services.


We like that this service is simple. If you are just getting into mail forwarding for the first time, they have a platform that is really easy to use. They even give you the flexibility to activate, reactivate, deactivate, and freeze your account as you need to, so that you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a contract.

#3 Traveling Mailbox


Unlimited cloud storage of your scanned mail, documents, and PDF files

Integrates with Evernote, Dropbox, Google drive, and other apps and storage services

Live customer support on the phone, chat, and email, seven days per week


  • Mail forwarding to anywhere in the country
  • Sends to a real address, not just a P.O. box
  • Access your mailbox from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Mail stays under 24/7 surveillance as soon as it enters their facility
  • Scanning services and app and software integration
  • Check deposit services

There are so many great features to appreciate about Traveling Mailbox. This designed their platform with a few different types of customers in mind, including

- Full-time or part-time RV enthusiasts

- Digital nomads

- Travelers

- Traveling business people

And anyone who wants to simplify and declutter their mailbox. This can help save you trips to FedEx, UPS, and USPS while helping you cut down on the amount of paper mail that you are receiving on a daily or weekly basis.

The beauty of this service is that it goes above and beyond simply forwarding your mail to anywhere that you are. They have all of the technology, scanning integrations, cloud space, and software integration that makes it as easy as possible to receive and organize your mail.


This service is designed for anyone who wants to save time, optimize their organization, and reduce clutter in their lives. As we mentioned, the Traveling Mailbox can send you your physical mail anywhere.

They can do so much more than that too. Some of the biggest selling points of this service include all of the software integrations that they include for all of the scanned, digital versions of your mail and documents. You have unlimited cloud storage with them or can easily integrate your mail and documents on other platforms like Google, Evernote, and Dropbox.

#4 Usa2me


Access to their full online management system

Packing consolidation services

Mail forwarding to anywhere in the country and just about anywhere abroad


  • Assigned address in the Us
  • Manage your account and mail from your computer
  • Shredding services
  • Can ship to anywhere
  • Consolidating packaging to save you money on shipping
  • Scanning services

Overall, there are a lot of aspects of Usa2me that are similar to My RV Mail, with some added features. They have a few more features that we really appreciate such as the ability to consolidate packing.

Their packing consolidation service gives you the ability to save a lot of money on shipping, by packing all of your packages and envelopes into a large box. They also provide shipping services for their customers so that can ship to anywhere as well.

Other than that, they offer the standard scanning and shredding features that other mail forwarding services provide. They can scan your mail and process those scans to you for a small fee. Afterward, they will have that mail forwarded to you within 24 hours.


This is another straightforward platform with not a ton of flash, show, or added features. This is great if you are looking for a simple and affordable mail forwarding service that works for your on the go lifestyle. 


Hopefully, you have a better idea of all of the benefits that each of these different RV email services brings to the table so that you can decide on the best one for yourself. All around, Escapee’s RV would be our top choice for mail forwarding. They give you everything that you need out of a quality mail forwarding service and much more, including the trust in an organization that has been working in and with the RV industry for over 30 years.